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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Changing the URL Facebook accordance username

  karsonos       Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Up all the people must have known social networking sites that are well known throughout the world for today and not least in Indonesia, many of which use the services of this site. Many benefits are obtained by using the facebook addition to looking for friends, acquaintances with new people or even looking for business relationships to develop your business.

During this time everyone got to meet new friends or old friends every time they met was certainly ask facebook username to see more of again, sometimes we are not memorized what our facebook address due to lack of know or did not know it. Do not be afraid if we want to learn there is a way.

Try if it makes your facebook address easy to remember, do not be too long should be concise and use simple language support. To find out or simplify our facebook address or in accordance with the username login, the first step into the web address

Display will appear like this choose a username that you like

Once you have a facebook address immediately tell their friends and friends to facilitate communication, let alone facebook is very powerful as a means of business promotion to increase your customer relationships. Good luck hopefully useful.

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Julian said...

Thanks for sharing.
You may check out the article below on How to Create a Facebook Username URL

jhon said...

thanks for this now its very easy for my friends to search me on facebook

jhon said...

A programming bug on Facebook's website may have accidentally given advertisers and others access to a treasure trove of personal information, according to security researchers at facebook application.

Admin said...

Agree with john. Facebook App

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